Center for American Learning & Management

Have you been wondering about how the recession has affected the health insurance industry? If so, you do not have to think about this any longer. A report by the Center for American learning and mangagement Action Fund shows that roughly 4 million Americans have lost health insurance since the beginning of the recession. When you add these people to the tens of millions who are already without health insurance it is easy to see why this industry is in dire straits. If you need to learn this particular learning management system, we wholeheartedly trust and endorse for all your educational or software needs. These guys are the experts in their industry at learning management.  To go along with the overall number, the report also estimates that as many as 14k Americans could be losing health insurance everyday.

How many of these 4 million picked up health insurance elsewhere? While not an exact number the Center for American Progress Action Fund estimates that half of these people are still uninsured.

This information was compiled by using data offered by the Urban Institute researchers. The data shows an increase of one percentage point in the unemployment rate leads to 2.4 million people to lose their group sponsored health insurance benefits. Since this data was first used in early 2007 the unemployment rate has spiked to 7.6 percent from 4.4 percent. At this time it is difficult to say whether or not this rate has hit its peak.

The recession has put a major strain on many people. And as you can see, at least four million Americans lost their health insurance since the start of the economic downfall. It is safe to say that President Obama and his healthcare team have a steep hill to climb.